BBA-IB (Earlier called BBM)

BBA–IB (Earlier called BBM)

The BBA-IB (Earlier called BBM) course strives to achieve a healthy balance between various practical aspects of international business. Introduction to International Business Management subjects give global outlook to the students. Wide coverage of syllabus gives huge exposure to international business. Value addition capsule modules help the students to absorb national and international market

Career Prospects

After completing the course, students have a great scope for employment at national and international level. They can seek employment in variety of innovative revision suggested. Great scope also exists in international logistics, supply-chain management, storage, transportation and distribution

Learning objectives of GCC – BBA-IB (Earlier called BBM)

  • To impart global exposure to the students by developing business entrepreneurial and managerial skills.
  • To equip the students with knowledge of International Trade and Supply Chain Management.
  • To enhance employabilty of the students by providing industrial exposure in the form of study visits, guest lectures and internships.
  • To provide learning of European and Asian business languages for global outreach.
  • To develop soft skills for effective career building.

B.B.A. (I.B.) Equivalence Syllabus

Revised Course Structure – Bachelor of Business Management (International Business)

2008 Pattern


2013 Pattern

Sem I

Code Subject
101 Indian Business Environment.
102 Communication Skills & Personality Development.
103 Micro Economic Analysis.
104 Business Accounting.
105 Principles & Practice of Management.
106 Business Mathematics.

Sem II

Code Subject
201 Cost Accounting.
202 Elements of HRM.
203 Macro Economic Analysis.
204 Principles of Marketing.
205 Business Statistics.
206 IT in Business Operations.


Code Subject
301 International Business Environment.
302 Production & Operations Management.
303 International Economics.
304 International Marketing.
305 Management Accounting.
(Equivalence to 306 in 2013 pattern)
306 E- Commerce.
(Equivalence to 506 in 2013 pattern)

Sem IV

Code Subject
401 Supply Chain & Logistics Management.
(Equivalence to 605 in 2013 pattern)
402 Foreign Exchange Operations.
(Equivalence to 401 in 2013 pattern)
403 International Business in Service.
(Equivalence to 402 in 2013 pattern)
404 International Agricultural Business.
(Equivalence to 403 in 2013 pattern)
405 Business Taxation.
(Equivalence to 404 in 2013 pattern)
406 Business Exposure.

Sem V

Code Subject
501 Business Ethics.
502 Business Law.
503 International Relations.
504 International Banking & Finance.
505 Business Reporting and Analysis.
506 Foreign Language – Paper I ( Asian – Chinese, Japanese) ( European – German, French and Spanish)
(Equivalence to 305 in 2013 pattern)

Sem VI

Code Subject
601 Export Import Procedure.
602 International Business Law.
603 Study of Global Economies.
604 International Project Management.
605 Foreign Language – Paper II.
(Equivalence to 405 in 2013 pattern)
606 Project (Project Report – 50 ) (Presentation – 30 Viva – 20).