Research Wing (DRIC)

Department of Research, Innovations and Consultancy (DRIC)

DRIC Committee Members:

Dr. A. Y. Lele
(Officiating Principal)
Dr. Ketaki Modak
Dr. B. S. Vhankate
(Vice Principal & Head, DRIC)
Dr. Smita Wadaskar
(Research and academic co-ordinator)

MES Garware College of Commerce has always taken passionate efforts to develop the research culture among the students and staff. The Vision and Mission Statement of the College reflects its obsession towards the research.

In July 2013, to pursue the dreams in the sphere of research, GCC established the Department of Research, Innovations and Consultancy (DRIC). Then Vice-Chancellor of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Hon. Dr. Wasudeo Gade was the chief guest of the grand function organized on this occasion. Since July 2013, the College has a recognized research centre affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University to undertake Ph.D in Commerce. Currently five faculty members are the recognized research guides associated with Savitribai Phule Pune University. Around 16 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D under the guidance of these faculty members.

Research Guides with DRIC

Sr. No. Research Guide Research Subject
1 Dr. N. S. Umrani Business Administration
2 Dr. Bharat Vhankate Business Administration
3 Dr. S.D. Zagade Business Administration
4 Dr. Asha Khilare Business Economics
5 Dr. Sulabha Patole Business Practices & Business Administration
6 Dr. Smita Wadaskar Business Administration

At present, Garware College of Commerce possesses the galaxy of expertise in the sphere of research. As many as 16 faculty members possess Ph. D. as their highest research qualification; whereas 5 faculty members have M. Phil. qualification. So far, 5 faculty members have completed their Minor Research Projects, while 2 will complete the same very soon.

Research Publication:

GCC publishes ‘Quest’ – a research annual (bearing ISSN:2277-341X) which includes original research articles written by the faculty members belonging to GCC as well as colleges from other states. Till date the college has published 10th issue of the ‘Quest’ Journal.

Other activities at DRIC

  • Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs)
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops for students and Faculty Members
  • Surveys & Consultancy assignment.